Announcing a partnership with B Corp

Maybe you’ve noticed the logo in the footer of our website or the thousands of emails our website sends to Squareholders every month. There’s a logo of a little “B” with a circle around it, and it stands for B Corp.

Shortly after we launched Community Sourced Capital, we started pursuing an endorsement that we believed would signal to the world our absolute commitment to using business as a catalyst for change. B Corp is a private certification assessing social and environmental performance of for-profit companies around the world. After a rigorous application and interview process, we received our certification a little over a year ago.

Using business as a catalyst for change is no small feat, and we aren’t trying to do it alone. That’s one of the reasons we’ve surrounded ourselves with the B Corp community — which includes legions of strong, committed small businesses as well as large entities like Patagonia, Beneficial State Bank, Etsy, King Arthur Flour, and very recently, Kickstarter!

We think these businesses are so important to the ultimate strength of our local and national economies that we’re serious about helping this community grow. In order to show our commitment to B Corp’s values, we’ve kicked off a program that introduces the B Corp process to more small businesses while rewarding those already in our network.

Starting immediately, we’re encouraging our community of small business members to take the B Corp Quick Impact Assessment, which is the best way to get your company’s baseline against metrics like employee, community, and environmental impact. It takes only 20 minutes, and we’re rewarding incoming small business members just for taking the impact assessment.

On the CSC platform, we are offering network pricing for B Corps to take advantage of, which reduces the cost of using the CSC platform to raise capital from your community. Just this month, Starvation Alley Farms, one of the very first companies to access capital via CSC, announced their B Corp certification and will benefit from the network pricing immediately.

CSC is excited to be moving in this direction along with many other great companies, and we’re thankful to have our friends at B Corp leading the way with an ever-expanding network of inspirational businesses. We’re proud to work alongside B Corp to help grow their network and numbers amongst small businesses in America, which ultimately supports the type of businesses that make communities stronger, more resilient, and fun to live in.

For more information on our partnership with B Corp, check out their landing page on our website at

Hilary Wilson

Author: Hilary Wilson

Hilary Wilson is Associate Director of CSC. Her background in non-profit development and community building strategies helps with understanding the landscape of opportunities for communities everywhere.