Need a small business loan? Attend CSC’s Money on a Mission event!

Money on a Mission Event - get a small business loan
Money on a Mission Event – attend to explore small business loans

More often than not a small business owner needs the opportunity to do lots of things all at once – from managing people, community relations, and inventory management to payroll, social media and financial planning for future growth. That’s an awful lot and we’ve heard from the small businesses we work with that managing their business finances can be the most difficult part of running the business because it’s not where their heart and passion lies.

We want to take some of the guess work out of managing small business finance and finding a small business loan – that’s why we’re co-hosting an event in Seattle called, Money on a Mission with Beneficial State Bank and the Main Street Alliance, where small business owners can come and talk to 15 different capital providers and multiple other small business assistance folks all in one place. In one evening you can cover what’s on offer from banks, credit unions, crowdfunders, and other alternative lenders and get assistance from mentors and service providers like SCORE and CIE.

We all know strong small businesses are the key to a strong economy. And heading downstairs from my office at lunch today, I gotta say, I love getting a sandwich at the always-busy local place, Delicatus. I’m kind of bummed on the days when my only choice is one of the many always-the-same chain restaurants. The reality is that just being inside local, unique businesses like Delicatus gives me a special kind of boost. I know this business is totally committed to my neighborhood and I can feel it!

We want businesses like Delicatus to stick around. So the recent report on small business resilience published by the Federal Reserve caught CSC’s attention. The report points out  some of the things that the healthiest local businesses have going for them and at the Money on a Mission event, we’ll be connecting our local small businesses with answers to these three critical pieces of information.

Here’s what thriving neighborhood businesses have in common:

  1. Knowledge –  about where to access capital and the financial lingo and instruments available
  2. Ability – to understand and create budgets, financial statements, and projections
  3. Experience – in successfully accessing and repaying credit

We’re hosting this event to help small businesses build their knowledge and skills. We know there are great resources available online like fundastic and the SBA. And there are classes and mentorships offered by places like the Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship (CIE) at Pinchot University here in Seattle and any chapter of SCORE, the nationwide business mentorship organization. But we thought, what if we brought all these resources together so time-strapped small business owners could connect with everyone in one place. And the Money on a Mission event was born!

Join us!

RSVP Here:

Date: March 4, 2015

Place: Impact Hub Seattle 220 2nd Ave. South

Time: 5:30-7:30 p.m.

What to bring: Questions for lenders, Score and Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship reps!

Parking info: Pioneer Square offers many inexpensive options for parking. Here’s a detailed map and parking directions for all of the parking options in the area.