Our first dive into Socially Responsible Investing

And when we say “our first dive”, we really mean “our first dive with you,” because we haven’t yet spoken about the role socially responsible investing plays in sustainable finance.

A Squareholder recently brought it up to us by sending an email he sent to his bank asking about Socially Responsible Investment options. Then he emailed his human resources and treasury department and asked the same question. Whoa.


We don’t claim to have all the answers for sustainable finance… yet. That’s why we’re thankful to friends at Green America for sharing their free Guide to Socially Responsible Investing.

Here’s the thing about Socially Responsible Investing: a large part of that “social” word is up to you to define. I recently spoke to a group in Portland, Oregon working on an SRI fund for companies that advance LGBTQ rights. I asked if their fund might take ownership in a major oil company, since you wouldn’t expect that kind of company to be part of any SRI fund. “If that company is advancing LGBTQ rights, then of course,” he told me.

That brings us back to one of our favorite words, design. If you could design your own personal socially responsible investment, what would it do? I challenge you to think about what you would invest in, instead of what you wouldn’t invest in. The wouldn’t part is too easy.

Take a peak at the guide from Green America for extra inspiration and plenty resources:

Green America's Guide to Socially Responsible Investing screenshot

Please leave some comments below if you have time to share your thoughts about how you might incorporate this kind of investing in your life. Or perhaps, share a story about how you already have.

Casey Dilloway

Author: Casey Dilloway

Casey is the President and COO of Community Sourced Capital. On a day to day basis, Casey is working on CSC's technology, back-end operations, and taking part in crafting the story of community finance. He really enjoys making presentations about sustainable finance, too.