You can help CSC make finance local

We created a funding platform for everyday citizens to lend directly to strong local businesses that they know. We’re starting with small businesses because its no secret that they’re responsible for the bulk of jobs created in this country, and banks are not lending to small businesses like they used to.

At the same time, experts agree that small businesses are the keystone to resilient regional economies…economies that don’t crumble when a single manufacturer leaves town or when a national housing crisis triggers the loss of 9 million jobs. We can use our money to fund a stronger world than that. Community Sourced Capital gives you the power to fund the world you want to live in.

It all starts with a square.


  • Squares represent loans to businesses.
  • Squares are $100 and anyone can buy one.
  • Funding a $20,000 project means selling 200 squares.
WE can control the economic vitality of our country just by putting our money to work in the right way! After all, we all have money. At least a little bit.

Here’s how it works: CSC hosts a business, their story and their funding project on our website. Over time, the business builds rapport with their community through an ongoing marketing campaign to their community that identifies future lenders. Then we contact the business and say “Hey, guess what! You just had your 200th supporter sign on to lend you $100. Now you have access to $20,000 in community sourced capital. Ready to hit go?” The funding round ensues, money is transferred, and then the repayment begins. If you are a community member who wants to join the movement to localize finance, sign up for updates. If you have questions or comments please contact

We’d love for you to join the crowd at the Fledge Demo Day on September 23rd at the Intiman Theater. We’ll be presenting with six other conscious companies.

We’re a Social Purpose Corporation, and yes, we want you to know about it

When we started Community Sourced Capital, we knew we wanted to signal to communities that we aren’t your average company with average solutions. After all, we’re transforming centuries worth of traditional finance principles to re-focus on building strong local economies. Continue reading “We’re a Social Purpose Corporation, and yes, we want you to know about it”

Local business needs YOU! (and me)

Locally owned small businesses are the life blood of our communities. They constitute approximately one-half of the U.S. private economy in terms of output and jobs, and provide us with goods and services to meet our needs. Fortunately the “buy local” movement is gaining momentum. Cash mobs spend their money at local retailers and farmers markets are growing by leaps and bounds. However, this is only one side of the coin (pun intended) for small business capital needs.

Yep, we need to purchase local goods and services, but community businesses also need investment capital to grow and succeed. Small businesses receive almost no investment from traditional capital markets, such as mutual funds, pension funds, hedge funds, or venture funds. On top of this, bank lending is at an all time low for small businesses, leaving them with few options to meet their capital needs.

Fortunately these businesses have YOU and ME, which equals US!

WE all have our favorite local businesses, whether they be the corner coffee shop, farm-to-table restaurant, mom and pop hardware store where someone is always there to help you find just what you need. They’re the businesses that make our economy go ’round. With CSC we can now take our support for our beloved community businesses one step further and directly invest in their success, to fund the world WE want to live in.