Pitching sustainable finance to a few hundred

Just last weekend, co-founders Rachel Maxwell and Casey Dilloway pitched Community Sourced Capital to a few hundred friends, family members, social entrepreneurs and investors as part of Fledge Demo Day in Seattle.¬†Fledge is the “conscious company” incubator that CSC has been working with for the last few weeks.

Watch the presentation and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section here, or email us directly at info at communitysourcedcapital.com with any questions or comments you have.

Note: an ABBA ringtone goes off at the 6:10 mark, so the presentation takes a slight segue as we get the audience back on track. Fortunately, we had a few Swedish music stats up our sleeves to share on a whim.

Casey Dilloway

Author: Casey Dilloway

Casey is the President and COO of Community Sourced Capital. On a day to day basis, Casey is working on CSC's technology, back-end operations, and taking part in crafting the story of community finance. He really enjoys making presentations about sustainable finance, too.