We’re a Social Purpose Corporation, and yes, we want you to know about it

When we started Community Sourced Capital, we knew we wanted to signal to communities that we aren’t your average company with average solutions. After all, we’re transforming centuries worth of traditional finance principles to re-focus on building strong local economies. So when we started putting together finance tools for the 21st Century, we decided to create a company for the 21st Century, too.

Social Purpose Corporations are new. In fact, they’re only a few months old as of this article. In short, SPCs allow corporations and their shareholders to instill social or environmental purposes into a company’s articles of incorporation. This empowers directors to make decisions in the interest of more than just the financial bottom line. At Community Sourced Capital, this allows us to reward investors while also delivering on our core raison d’√™tre:

Community Sourced Capital uses sustainable finance solutions to help small business and local economies thrive.

We’re happy to be part of a transformation in pioneering new companies that take a deeper look at their impact on all stakeholders. And it’s no secret that socially responsible companies are valued more by upcoming and aging generations of consumers and investors.

Source: Edelman 2012 Good Purpose Study

At the end of the day, much is left to be seen about how SPCs function differently from regular C-Corps, if at all. Our vision for Community Sourced Capital is simply to prove that corporations with a conscience can have community, environmental and financial benefits for shareholders and stakeholders. And we want our supporters and shareholders to hold us to those values as we grow.

We hope you’ll cheer us on as we fund the world we want to live in through Community Sourced Capital. Today, we’re starting by building a company we want to believe in.

Casey Dilloway

Author: Casey Dilloway

Casey is the President and COO of Community Sourced Capital. On a day to day basis, Casey is working on CSC's technology, back-end operations, and taking part in crafting the story of community finance. He really enjoys making presentations about sustainable finance, too.